About Us

WINDD - Web INnovating Development And Design is part of 6202 Limited.

At WINDD we are dedicated to creating and meeting your online needs.

We work with clients face to face, via email and over the telephone and have often worked with clients that we have never met before.

One of our companies strengths is our in house knowledge and experience which allows us to easily deliver unique solutions to our client's needs, never using templates as, we feel you can never create a prominent online presence with a web template and we are sure you don't want your website looking like any other.

We provide a wide range of online services including web design and web development, content management systems, search engine optimisation and hosting all of which are completed to strict deadlines and ensuring the highest quality of work throughout the whole process.

We offer a FREE, initial consultation to look at understanding both your company and your project.

All of our website designs are created on a client by client basis making your website perfect and unique to you.

At WINDD we are equally able to deliver web solutions in re-developing and marketing existing websites.

Please contact us for more details.