Dedicated to all aspects of selling online on your "virtual storefront".

An e-Commerce system is designed for selling goods online from a website and will include many essential features such as the ability to manage your products and orders, browse your products and catalogue.

We can develop systems that allow you access to all your products, orders, print invoices/despatch notes and customer contact details all from the admin panel. We can integrate with a full range of payment methods including PayPal, SayePay (formally Protx), WorldPay and Google Checkout. Depending on your requirements, we can advise which payment method would be best suited to you and the needs of your business.

E-commerce Features

Site Management

Our Content Management System easily works alongside an e-Commerce website allowing you easy and convenient way to edit any content on your website and online shop.

We also offer Controlled User Permissions which is especially useful if you have more than one person working on your website and you want to restrict access to sensitive parts of the website from certain users.

Checkout, Payment and Shipping

  • You can set up your website to save a customer's shopping cart with a configurable expiration time.
  • You can also allow your checkout to accept cheques, BACS or card payments.
  • Multiple addresses can be set up so the customer can have separate billing and shipping addresses.
  • You can set up flat rates for shipping per order or per item or offer free shipping.
  • You can choose to ship to certain countries outside of your region, you can select which countries you will ship to and charge a carriage rate applicable to the area of delivery.

Order Management

  • You can view any orders placed on the website, edit orders or create new orders (usually if you have taken an order over the telephone).
  • You will be able to print invoices, packing slips and delivery notes of any orders.
  • A call centre order creation can be used which includes the ability to create a new customer or choose a customer from the existing database, view their shopping cart and any previously ordered items.
  • Email notifications of orders so you can keep track of all orders placed on the system.

Customer Accounts

  • View order status, recently ordered items and history of any order placed by a customer and allowing a re-order from their account.
  • Allow for newsletters and newsletter subscriptions for customers on any information you wish to inform them of, such as special offers or sale items.

Product and Catalogue Browsing

  • On any of your product listings, you can display multiple images, incorporate a zoom facility, show available stock, have product reviews and show related products.
  • You can also add a button that will allow the customer to 'send to a friend' via email.
  • To make a broader search of similar items, a customer can also filter product tags to search.